Bike starts then dies with throttle

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If you can start and idle fine, but slowly rolling on the throttle bogs/dies, that's the culprit. I tried doing some google searches for this but didn't really come across anything useful. After you get it passed the initial throttle after start-up then it runs fine and never dies. When trying to ride it hesitates and then jumps to life and then hesitates, sounds like left 2009 8K miles - This only happens when I first start the bike, but it happens every time I start it - hot or cold. . So what could be making it die when I apply throttle? . I then adjusted the throttle cable so that I could turn the choke off and that enabled it to stay running. This is a classic and very obvious clogged pilot jet. I then try a couple more times- choke on, start up fine, hit throttle and dies. May 15, 2009 riding a bit more i was giving it full throttle and it was doing no more than 3k revs and if i let go of the throttle the bike dies the bike starts on choke and it will start going to 6k revs then slowly reduces itself and dies and when i choke and giv it a bit of throttle revs drop to 0 instantly either i flooded it or. could be bad gas that was sitting in your float bowl for all we know. The jet needle rests at the bottom of your CV piston valve. I just took my bike out for spring, it starts up and idles fine, but when I give it a bit of gas, it dies right away. You will raise and lower the needle by changing the clip K&N makes a jet kit for your bike. If you can make it through the bog and then it suddenly roars to life, that's also a really big confirmation as well. First things first, start the engine up then spray copious amounts of WD40 around . If it doesn't sort the problem then at least it wont do any harm! Failing that then it sounds like you either have an air leak or a fuel problem. Mar 1, 2013 The jet needle goes into your throttle. It continues acting like this, so I only take it for a The bike idles perfectly on choke, but dies when I take it off, even after warming up for awhile. After start-up, if I let it idle for a bit and slowly turn the throttle it will work through it and keep running. If I slowly turn the choke off and give it the slightest little bit of throttle, it dies out also. i hope its just carbs. Extremely lean motors can also stall out completely when given some light throttle. float levels, and sync, then I would do a dead-cylinder tuning next - remove one plug and ground against frame so that the bike runs on only one cylinder. com/forum/f2-tech-93/bike-idling-choke-dies-when-applying-throttle-120208Jan 17, 2011 As soon as I touched the throttle, the bike bogs down and dies/stalls. If I leave the choke on and let the bike get warm it runs for a bit and then slowly dies. no offense, but it's going to be hard to figure out your problem if you have no idea where to start. In these cases, try running with the gas cap open! There are breathers in the tank that get clogged, and when that Jan 2, 2015 So before I made a forum post about my bike not idling and it wasn't idling no matter what I tried however I was able to pull the throttle normally and ride Bike idling with choke on, dies when applying throttle - CBR Forum cbrforum. Jul 21, 2014 Lean running engines tend to “hang up” at high rpms when the throttle is let go, and they also rev down slowly after the throttle is closed. It starts OK on full choke but as soon as I begin to push the choke back it dies. It continues acting like this, so I only take it for a Hi, I'm a "new" rider with a 2002 Shadow Spirit VT750DC (I've had the bike for a few years, but I still consider myself a new rider). Jet kits are typically applied to carbs after a free flowing aftermarket pipe is installed to enrich the system. I was finally able to get the bike going, but only if I hit the throttle pretty hard (bike dies if it drops below 5k rpm). Jan 2, 2015Jan 17, 2011 As soon as I touched the throttle, the bike bogs down and dies/stalls. A key clue is that the issue gets better as the bike warms up or that you are running hot. The plugs and If you tighten that just a bit, then the choke will stay where you put it. bit of throttle and it either dies if the rev is too lowand if i give it a little more gasits weird and stays up highand then i rev it 1 more time from ther (small rev) and it just sinks. I looked at the throttle cables, they seem to be This is a classic and very obvious clogged pilot jet. In your case Bike finally runs on the choke but runs like crap. Once pulled over, they restart ok, and then stall again 3 miles later. . It ran perfect I got the bike starting! The carbs aren't flooding out anymore, it starts up great and sounds great while idling. It dies. See my reply to the other comment for a more detailed Jul 21, 2014 On California and newer emissions controlled motorcycles, I see a lot of cases where the bike runs out of power and stalls. Really clean strong idle. However, whenever I shift into gear and attempt to pull away, the engine dies as soon as the bike begins to move. Rough on idle, when I tap the throttle bike dies. When I take off the choke bike dies. See my reply to the other comment for a more detailed After I let it warm up, I gave it some throttle an It seems to idle fine but whenever I give it the smallest amount of throttle is dies on me. I've. If its a 2 stroke then spark plugs are expendable items, change it even if its a 4 stroke. Then I hit the throttle and puff